The Noble With Hat - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait 8" x 10"
The Noble With Hat - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait
The Noble With Hat - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait
The Noble With Hat - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait

picture of pets

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picture of pets
Our artists will create your unique pet masterpiece with love, care and attention. We go the extra mile to capture all your pet’s unique features and personality. Take a look at our amazing reviews!

Your pet's image is remastered and transformed into a wonderful digital portrait. Each design is a work of art and completely unique. You will not find this level of quality and care anywhere else, we work on a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

The artwork is sent as a high resolution digital file (jpeg). This can then be shared and printed as you wish.

Now you have your own custom pet portrait.. you need to show it off. What better way than to print onto our premium canvases? 

Our premium canvases are of the highest quality, complete with handcrafted wooden frames. They’re ready to hang up on delivery, with no assembly required. Choose from 3 sizes.

Printed in USA with quality print dyes that bring your artwork to life. We never compromise on quality.

1: Upload your favourite pet photo
2: Enter your pets name (if required)
3: Select your  premium canvas. And leave the rest to us!

Our community is fighting against animal cruelty through donations to multiple animal charities. Every time you buy from Pawstrait, a portion goes to help defenseless animals out in the world. That’s a promise.

Down to how elongated the head part is, to the mouth stitching, is just horrible. If you can see it literally looks so cheaply made and the mouth folds inward so it looks completely cheap but I guess the only thing I can appreciate is that it was packed in so much plastic (Not really necessary by the way).
I ordered this for my wife because I thought it would be convenient to use and cover her face and neck well. Turns out it is too small for her and the ear loops are not comfortable for her. We think her ears are not placed properly for the mask (HA!) and the loops also don't work with her hearing aids. I haven't tried the mask because I am larger than she is so I know it will not work for me. The idea is great and may fit possibly half the population, just not us.
I ordered this bracelet for a young single graduating Mommy. I had no idea the message that came along with the gift would be so inspiring! This was the perfect gift!
Color was nothing like the picture online.
It's more copper looking.
I will be returning.
How well they are made, however ordered the wrong size,needed the 40-42 my fault will re-order when I'm able, thanks for your concern.
Seams break
Awesome quality. Was pleasantly surprised when I opened its decorative box that the wallet itself came in a high quality felt sleeve that would be ideal for storing jewelry or other accessories. And the wallet has so much more space and more slots then I will ever use. Its like moving from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom townhouse.
Its good for the price especially if you dont want you little one to wear and lose something very valuable. Also it doesnt hurt my daughters ears.
Took this to Europe and it was fantastic to use for carrying all of my valuables!
Exactly what I was looking for and exactly what I was expecting! Love this bracelet! Good quality!
Was all that I was looking for it fits nice and is of good quality basic ball cap if that's what you are looking for go for it
This replaces a Nicole Miller wallet. I like this new one as much as the NM. Plenty of space for all anyone needs to carry in a wallet.
Pretty but feels cheap and not a fan of the straps.
I have only had sunglasses for a few days, but like how they look on me. Too early to tell how they wear and tear
Perfect length and very comfortable.
Fits well
Love this suit! Very cute and great coverage. Easy to put on a squirming baby and dries quickly.
It's a hat, It's warm and awesome. It may be a little expensive for a stocking hat but you are buying a Carhartt, and Carhartt products are made to last. If you are looking to keep your head warm buy it.
Very nice bag, I made a good choice
I did not receive a white v neck in my pack, only 2 grey shirts and 3 black ones
Black color started to fade after wearing it a few times washing was no help. I paid $32 I expect premium quality, would never purchase a Champion product again.
This is an amazing product. I wear it to work every day and not a day goes by where I don't get any compliments! The gold color is very amazing on the product and leaves people always starring at the bracelet asking if it is real gold. Trust me on this one, the price is amazing for the product you receive!!
Nice hat. Fits as expected. Would buy again.
My son has a tiny waist, probably just 27" and I'm happy to find jeans with a 28" waist that don't look ridiculous after he belts them. There is enough room in the belt loops to tuck the end of the belt in after he buckles, which he likes. Also the leg is wide enough to slide over his leg braces and not bind, so they are hidden without being super wide like bootcut jeans. That's a huge deal for a 19 year old who wants to look like everyone else and keep his braces hidden. Lots of great color options and so far they are washing well and holding up beautifully. I couldn't be happier to have found a great pair of jeans that meet the style needs of a teen with a price that his mom can be happy about. He likes these better than jeans from Abercrombie, American Eagle or Levis. I plan to buy a few more pairs as soon as he chooses the colors he wants
Bought this for my husband for working in the yard. It is exactly what he wanted.
Perfect pouch for both my sunglasses and my cell phone.
Heavier than expected, didn't realize there was a kids inscription in the back... But it does the job and the chain is long enough.
Muy bien
Great purse. Very light weight. Holds a lot. Strap log enough for a crossbody.êtements-Ensemble-Sleepsuit