The Dandy - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait
The Dandy - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait
The Dandy - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait
The Dandy - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait
The Dandy - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait

custom photo phone covers

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custom photo phone covers
custom photo phone covers
Pawstrait custom phone cases are a great option for anyone who loves having their pet with them everywhere. Whether it's at college, the office, in the gym, or simply when you’re away for the weekend - every time you take out your phone - you'll see your adorable pet looking right back at you.

Our dedicated team of designers will transform your pet picture into a crystal clear image which will then be printed onto a 100% original, one of a kind phone case that you will simply love! We do most major handset models and sizes from Apple and Samsung so no matter what model cellphone you have, there’ll be a choice available for you.

- Top-quality silicone phone case
- Wireless charging compatible
- Our cases are thin and  won't make your handset appear “bulky”
- Protect your expensive handset from drops, scratches and dings
- All designs are 100% custom designed in house at Pawstrait

custom photo phone covers

- Pick your template from our extensive collection
- Upload your pet photo using our easy upload button
- Choose your cellphone handset from the dropdown menus
- Place your order
- Sit back and relax while our team does the rest!

Our community is fighting against animal cruelty through donations to multiple animal charities. Every time you buy from Pawstrait, a portion goes to help defenseless animals out in the world. That’s a promise.

I thought this bag would be a wee bit larger (with the triple zip). It barely holds money, credit cards, a hanky, 2 pens and a small note pad. The front "envelope" holds 2 lip glosses. The back gapes open, so not so useful. It is of good quality, though.
Good product
So cute, great value for money!
I recently bought a pair of Wrangler "Outdoor Series" cargo shorts on clearance at a local Target store, model NT980GT. I really like the fit and the fabric and the zipper side pockets. Come to find out they were discontinued, but my searches kept bringing me back to these Wrangler "Authentics" cargo shorts, model ZM980GT. After carefully looking at the pictures and comparing them to my Outdoor Series pair, the pockets, the stitching, etc, appeared to be exactly the same. So I bought a pair in the hopes they were.

While almost identical, this newer Authentics version is a little different than those discontinued Outdoor Series pair. First, they're about an inch longer. Not a huge difference, but I'm 6'2" and I prefer where the Outdoor Series shorts sit above my knee. The second thing I noticed is they're slightly slimmer in fit, just a little less room around. And the waistband seems less stretchy. They clearly went cheap on the new zippers. Most people won't notice or care, but after having the better, lock-down zipper heads on the Outdoor Series, these cheap floppy zipper heads are just annoying to me. And while both shorts are listed as Granite (GT), these are lighter in color.

Honestly though, for all my moaning about these slight differences, if I didn't already have the older version I wouldn't know and would be perfectly happy with these shorts. They are still just as comfortable, made with the same nylon/spandex mix, and seem just as well stitched together. Knowing the differences, my only real gripe is the zippers. Still very comfortable and well fitting shorts.
Better quality then I expected for the price. Heavy zippers, great compartments
These were great for my husband unfortunately they are a lot more purple than advertised as red and black they have a lot of purple in them
Perfect fit!
The quality is the best we have seen for a reasonalbe price. The length and weight are just what we have been looking for. Very good!
excellent for Mass weather. Soft in inside. Comfortable for 6'3 220lb guy.
loved it
This is my second purse Glenna from Vera Bradford. I like this style because you can get a lot of stuff in it! Very roomy and organized. I like the outside pockets but I wish they would put snaps or magnets on them so there more secure! Other wise I love the purse!
Fits great excellent for the beach or the lax field
What do you expect out of Dickies anyway.
One of the temples snapped in half on my second time wearing them.
Zipper was broken
consistent fit.......
Very good
I am a daily wearer of Sunglasses. They are always on my head which is usually fairly rough on them because of what I do for a living. I have owned this pair for over a year wearing them almost every day and they are still holding up like they are new. The lenses don't have any major scratches in them. I clean them a couple of times a day with the edge of a polo shirt and they still look new. The metal frame is very rugged and fits my large head comfortably. I would absolutely recommend buying these.
Bigger than expected.
Still nice.
Does not shrink like other brands do.
i like these Ray-Bans. they are good Ray-Bans.
Great for the feet. Well made.
Its cute and well made.
Good fit & I haves wide head
I love these glasses!
Husband loves them.
I got this for my dad because he wears his hoodies to the point of no return, my dad loves it!!
If you need work pants these are a reliable and durable. I recommend washing them a couple times prior to wearing them. They tends to be a little ridged until they are broken in. Lastly I would get a larger waist than what you normally wear. For instance I normally fit a 36 but I find that a 38 fits about right.
Purchased this belt as my waistline is rapidly shrinking - yes, New Years Resolutions do work! Ended up having to resize the belt but the instructions supplied were very explicit and easy to follow. Looks like a nice quality belt that I'll keep for a good long time.