personalised mobile covers

This is important, so please take some time to read through our pet photo guidelines.

Our artists want the best for your custom pet artwork. We use the exact photos you provide and it makes a massive difference to have a clear, high resolution photo.
Most smartphones have amazing cameras on them and are just fine to use.
If a particular picture is not going to work, we will ask you to send in a replacement. This will lead to delays in getting your order fulfilled.

We appreciate in some cases, it may not be possible to get another photo. If this is the case, and you would like us to proceed anyway, please let us know by email. We will do our utmost best with what's provided and send you a proof before taking any further action.

We are all about customer satisfaction and want you to have the best experience possible. To help us achieve this it is important to get the right quality of picture to us first time! 

personalised mobile covers personalised mobile covers
Take photo at eye level with pet No blurry photos
Ensure good natural lighting No screenshots
Keep all of pet inside the photo No dark photos

Ensure the angle of pet will
work with your chosen template




personalised mobile covers

- Take a photo at eye level with your pet facing the camera.
- It's ok for your pet to look off to the side slightly.
- Ensure there is good natural lighting.
- Keep all of the pet inside the photo and ears are within the shot.
- Review if the photo you have taken will work on the design template you have chosen.
- We cannot work with blurred photos and most screenshots! The resolution is simply too low.
- Avoid poor lighting, it makes it difficult to distinguish features.
- If you would like to re-upload an image for an order, personalised mobile covers.

These T-shirts are OK for knockin' around the house, but the cotton isn't all that soft and they come out of the dryer really wrinkled. The biggest thing they have going for them is price, at about four and a half bucks per shirt. Personally, I prefer Amazon Essentials T-shirts, which are softer, come out of the dryer far less wrinkled, and cost just a little more at about six bucks a shirt. The Gildan shirts aren't bad, but I won't be ordering more of them.
Great Value
Nice wallet. I love it.
I bought these for myself, wanting an earring I could leave in and not fuss with. The gold is poorly molded/made and the stones are not very bright. Like other reviews, I found they tend to droop forward and would not wear well on children. I also bought similar earrings made of sterling silver and am much happier with them.
I'm a hard size to fit ... and these jeans were the answer. That 29" inseam is nearly impossible to find with my pudgy 40" waist. My only regret is that I didn't buy two or three pair while I had the chance.
I have a 36" waist and these fit fine, no problem at all. Material is nice, not like other 'puffy' swim trunks.
This is the best wallet I have ever owned! The layout is perfect for me, as it has plenty of room for license and insurance card, about 10 cards, and a slide space for my go-to credit card. The clip for the money is perfectly located for cash, so when folded and tucked in a pocket, it isn't noticed at all. Great product!
Non detachable lenses
I love these socks!
Nice shorts. Great price. They seem very well made and are very comfortable.
Great t shirts
Prompt delivery. Excellent fit and finish. Love the blue color. It is significantly thinner than my old wallet despite carrying the same number of cards and bills. Did not have any problems with fitting the cards or the pull out slot.
Too expensive and they itch. But I do like how you can't see any hardware under your shirt.
This is the perfect sized bag! It is big enough to fit all my things, but not so big it's a tote. Plus the material feels lovely and soft, but firm enough to be a great purse.
Excellent product
I really like this wallet... The quality is good, the color is good and it fits perfect in my smaller purses.... Was not disappointed at all
fine quality
Nicely made material. Fits as expected.
Very nice and well worth the money.
quality material
Fit right on, soft and they look really good on you. Cant beat the price.
Great belt comfortable easy to use stays comfortable even on a long shift
Heavy duty and will last a while in my opinion.
Well deserved 5,I recieved the socks super fast,
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Very roomy with plenty of pockets. Also looks more expensive than it was.
Too big
Feels kinda cheap but decent product for what you pay.