canvas painting accessories

Our artists want the best for your custom pet artwork. We use the exact photos you provide and it makes a massive difference to have a clear, high resolution photo.
Most smartphones have amazing cameras on them and are just fine to use. We are all about customer satisfaction and want you to have the best experience possible. To help us achieve this it is important to get the right quality of picture to us from the outset! 

canvas painting accessories

canvas painting accessories canvas painting accessories
Take photo at eye level with pet No blurry photos
Ensure good natural lighting No screenshots
Keep all of pet inside the photo No dark photos

Ensure the angle of pet will
work with your chosen template

Super durable, extremely comfortable with thick padding, definitely my favorite socks. Will be repurchasing
I love the brand I have bought several frames from them in the past love them I lose then quiet often you see. I like the Kodak look and construction well enough. It's my head that's the problem it's too wide .
Love these Jeans, fit well for us larger guys
Don't know if these were genuine Levi's or what, but the waist was definitely not sized the same as other Levi's I own of the same size, it's much tighter. Unfortunately I waited too long and now can't return it.
Love it
to big
Great price
I absolutely love this wallet. I use it as a gift card holder. It is good quality and very durable.
Great wallet. At first a bit hard to put cards in however the more you use the wallet the easier and softer the inside gets. The pocket side I wish was a bit wider so that I could put a check book, cash, and still have space to stick my cell phone.
really hate the looped drawstring. It's tough to knot all the way down so I cut them and then double-knot the ends
They were a gift. According to my son, they fit. Will give it four stars but could be three or five. I didn't see them off or on.
No 925 stamp. I think the metal is actually stainless steel, but it's an OK product.
This swimsuit is beautiful in person and so cute on my daughter. It was a great purchase!
I have yellow lens Ducos also. I love the fit over my glasses. The traditional sunglasses in this category are twice the size they need to be and look quite dorky. These look like sunglasses normal people wear. I use them for riding my motorcycle. They provide good coverage and help protect your eyes from drying out.
I work outside a lot and these glasses have been nothing but incredible for me. Usually when I order sunglasses on amazon I get a crappier quality than expected. But these are even better than expected. Theyre not only stylish and fit my (big) head perfectly, but they feel sturdy enough to last a decade. I love them. BUY THESE
Good quality.
I went with the Large size socks. I typically wear shoe size 9.5 and 10 and these fit really well. Right amount of cushion without being too bulky. These appear to be durable, but time will tell. These have been through several washes without any issues. I have not gone out running with these socks yet, but will update review if anything significant is noted.
Helps cut the glare when driving at night. Comfortable to wear.
First thing first, this is authentic Kate Spade. It is not a boutique purse it is a outlet bag. There are differences. Look it up. That being said, this is an excellent bag, especially for the cost. Perfect size for everyday use.
These aren't particularly high-quality ties, but they do look very good and they were cheap.
Great fit, great look
Great belt, thank you!
These are a replacement for a pair of Ray-Bans that fell out of my pocket last winter and got stepped on, which were a replacement for a previous pair that MAY have been left in an airplane seat pocket somewhere between Baltimore and San Francisco (if you find those, please let me know!). Anyway, replacing sunglasses can be an expensive proposition, so when I found these on Amazon that were $30 less than my last pair, i was tempted enough to try again. Unlike the Wayfarers I bought last time, these are not hard plastic and are not polarized, but they still work well. I dinged them a star because they seem tighter than the last pair (58mm) despite being larger (59mm). As others have pointed out, these glasses have a much different shape than the Wayfarers, so that's going to take some time to get used to. All-in-all, I'm very pleased with this purchase and hope to keep them undamaged for years to come.
Wore once. They are ok. Could be more padded
great product
These are comfortable, look nice on and the lightweight material is looser and doesn't cling. The waist isn't too tight and has a drawstring (looks like a shoestring) closure. Easy care laundry of machine wash and tumble dry low.
Too many pockets, but it is a nice purse.
Some what small...
I bought this belt for concealed carry. The weight of the firearm tends to elongate the holes of traditional belts, and its near impossible to get a proper fit. Theyre either too loose when not carrying or too tight when carrying. Initially I was skeptical, but the Grip6 seems to solve those issues. My only concern would be the longevity of the end of the belt that retains it in the buckle, but time will tell. So far it holds the weight of a fully loaded Ruger SR-9 (17+1).
Order your waist size, and the belt length will be perfect.ère-imperméable-ABLE-multifonctionnel