canvas and paintings

We have made the process quick and easy to follow, but there are still some important details to go over. Please spend some time on this page to make sure you get the perfect Pawstrait for you and your pet. Pay special attention to the photo guidelines section.
canvas and paintings
canvas and paintings
Pick out your favourite from our range of designs. There are several options for both male and female pets, and just recently introduced - multi pet templates, so if you have 2 pets and want them both in the same design : no problem!

Then, upload your pets photo(s) using the guidelines listed below. If required, enter your pet's name(s) in the provided 
fields. We will sign your Pawstrait with this, so make sure its spelt right.
  1. Pick design (template) you like
  2. Upload your pets photo(s)
  3. Make sure to add in your pets name(s) if you want them on the design.

canvas and paintings
canvas and paintings
canvas and paintings
Our artists now take over and your uploaded images transfer onto their desk. A lot of care, love and genius goes into the design at this stage. Each image produced is unique and one of a kind. We use advanced design and IT skills to transform your photo into a top quality work of art. Please note, we do not paint. All our artwork is digitally remastered and printed on canvas with premium ink.
Our team then reviews each Pawstrait design to make sure it looks perfect. If we see any issues at this stage, we will get in touch to clarify them. Most of the time everything is ready to progress onto the final step.
canvas and paintings
canvas and paintings
canvas and paintings
We are ready to print, package and ship at this stage.
Your final design is now printed onto your chosen canvas size. A final inspection happens to make sure everything looks perfect before its packaged. And now its ready to head to its new home. We will let you know as soon it's dispatched and send over a tracking number so you can watch progress of your delivery in real time online!

canvas and paintings
canvas and paintings
This bit is important, please take some time to go through. We use the exact photos you provide to create the canvases.
Please ensure that the angle you have works with your chosen design and you are happy. Image quality dictates what we can do with your artwork. We can remove things such as red eye but we cannot close an open mouth.
Any photos that do not follow our guidelines may not produce the desired results. If this is the case, we cannot offer any replacements so please make sure you take a good photo.
All examples on Pawstrait result from high quality photos. If your photo does not meet the guidelines, we will still try our best and create a quality canvas. Please note, this is not guaranteed to produce a result as good as the website shows.
While we do our best to review each photo, its not always possible during high volume periods. This is why it is crucial that you provide a high quality photo from the outset.

  • Ensure good lighting, outdoor natural daylight always results in the best photos
  • Get down to eye level with your pet before taking photo
  • Try to capture an image with your pet looking away slightly
  • Get a closeup shot so we can capture some unique features of your pet
  • Do not upload blurred photos
  • Bad lighting makes it difficult to distinguish features, try to avoid
  • Make sure your pet is fully in the frame and no ears are out of the shot

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