custom dog canvas art

We are a pet loving family, our journey started 2 years ago when we lost our beloved furry friend Dexter. He was in the family for 8 years and it was very painful to not have him around.
To keep Dexter's memory we came up with a way to have him be with us even after his passing. This inspired the first ever Pawstrait, that captured his unique personality. This brought so much joy to family in a difficult time. We really wanted to share this joy with fellow pet lovers and Pawstrait was born.
We now supply one of a kind masterpieces to pet owners from across the globe. We pride ourselves in the love and care that goes into each production.

We are dedicated to helping you show your love and affection towards your pets through our Pawstraits. We are inspired by the bond we see between human and animals. We love to see the joy being spread across social media so we can connect over our mutual love of animals. Your experiences mean the world to us as we do love to hear reactions from your family and friends.

Gone but not forgotten. Love you Dexter.

My son loves them and wears all the time. True to size and nice material.
Perfect bag for shopping. It keeps your hands free and their are enough pockets to keep your important items separate . I only wish it had a water bottle pocket.
Nice shorts, good fit, good look, but the "smart phone" pocket is too tiny for any of today's phones however, though it would fit an AT&T go-phone. Since I didn't buy it for that, it doesn't matter to me. Just makes a nice little pocket to separate stuff out into, like my car keys. A little heavier cloth than I would have liked but I like it.
These socks, although they fit as expected, are not usable because the elastic is too loose and the sock slides off the heel.
Very pleased good size earring doesn't interfere with using the phone. Comfortable can wear all day without any issues.
These run a little larger than other brands I've worn. I'm 6'3", 200 lbs. A large fits well. Not too loose and not tight. Length is perfect. XL was way too big for me.
Love `em
I bought this hat to replace a similar Stetson that I just plain wore out, and I love it. The fit is perfect and the styling is just what I was looking for. I've received many complimentary comments on the hat. I was also impressed with the speed of the delivery -- ordered it on a Monday and was wearing it that Wednesday!
Very cute, dainty, sparkly, and pretty! I purchased these for my second and third ear piercings and I absolutely love them. Not too big, not too small
Arrived on time and is as advertised.
My size is XL on pretty much all brands I haven't tried Carhartt yet,,,, the extra large doesn't fit tight on me I still have some room ,, I wonder if should I get xl or large will fit on me I've been reading comment here and I heard that they are bigger than what you expect any suggestion
These are decent jeans. The leg is flared a bit more than I'd prefer but good value.
Finally, someone gets it and has made a T-shirt that stays tucked. Today's "modern" jeans need T-shirts like this. I wish they were easier to find. The shirt is as advertised, longer but not wider. I'll be buying more.
These are the only socks my husband will buy. Very sturdy.
Fits perfectly! Better than expected! I love them!
My husband loves these underwear. I was tired of replacing those sad, saggy cotton underwear from the other brands: fruit of the loom and Hanes, theyre all the same. Sure they fit fine the first time you wear and wash but you dont have more than a month before they might as well be an oversized pair of parachute boxers - nothing brief about them. Not to mention they all get holes in the more frequented scratch spots.

These natural feelings boxer briefs have been a huge upgrade to my husbands wardrobe. He likes them because theyre soft, maintain elasticity, dont get holes (at least not in the first 8 months - which is how long hes been wearing them), and hug his balls with just the right support. I like them because theyre a fraction of the cost of tommy Johns but keep my man lookin sexy.

I dont think Ill ever buy mens underwear anywhere else.
Rear zipper and made from good material. It took me a few days to get use to the zipper place. It is perfect for preventing thefts.
Minor help with high beam glare. When you move them up and down there is not much difference other than the yellow tint.
Got them for my 5 year old. She does want to take them out
I needed a lens for a prop that wouldn't hurt my models eyes when taking portrait pictures for a collaboration. She complimented that it felt real like actual prescription. She noted that it was sturdy too, I also would like to mention that the hinges on it is strong and the frames stand out for the one i picked. I do love the fact that it comes with a cloth case too.

- Good quality
- Hinges are strong and still fold fairly easily
- Doesn't hurt your eyes
- Good for photography props or to just look cool
The outfit fit just like it should. Not too loose or tight.
I happy with it for the price.
These are very nice. Extremely soft and very stretchy. They come in a bag with four different colors. Well made. Great quality with no problems so far.
I'm very love thisthanks
I really like the fit of these shirts. Stay tucked is a true statement. My guess is they are about 2 inches longer than a normal T allowing them to stay tucked much better.
Well worth the $$$ spent. Very comfortable. I only wear these when I go walking on trails, etc.
The dickies pants are my fav to wear what ever I do work or play
love it, fits as expected, really smart looking
Super comfy and light but durable. Sits below the ankle, peeks out to let people know you are still wearing socks but low enough that it isnt conspicuous. Best of all, the heel doesnt slip off your feet when walking, I think I this will be my go to for these types of socks.
perfect socks®-Bracelet-Inoxydable-copines-dabord