Husband & Wife - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait Digital Artwork Only High Res JPG
Husband & Wife - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait
Husband & Wife - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait
Husband & Wife - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait

canvas painting tutorial

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canvas painting tutorial
Our artists will create your unique pet masterpiece with love, care and attention. We go the extra mile to capture all your pet’s unique features and personality. Take a look at our amazing reviews!

Your pet's image is remastered and transformed into a wonderful digital portrait. Each design is a work of art and completely unique. You will not find this level of quality and care anywhere else, we work on a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

The artwork is sent as a high resolution digital file (jpeg). This can then be shared and printed as you wish.

Now you have your own custom pet portrait.. you need to show it off. What better way than to print onto our premium canvases? 

Our premium canvases are of the highest quality, complete with handcrafted wooden frames. They’re ready to hang up on delivery, with no assembly required. Choose from 3 sizes.

Printed in USA with quality print dyes that bring your artwork to life. We never compromise on quality.

1: Upload your favourite pet photo
2: Enter your pets name (if required)
3: Select your  premium canvas. And leave the rest to us!

Our community is fighting against animal cruelty through donations to multiple animal charities. Every time you buy from Pawstrait, a portion goes to help defenseless animals out in the world. That’s a promise.

Great at night... cuts the glare. A little hard to adjust the fit but otherwise very satisfied
I purchased over the calf, not crew socks. I need them to go to the knee to fit under leg braces. Very disappointing
Nice Fit and comfortable
Good fit
My daughter loves this so much
Excellent fit. Love the color.
Not soft- poor quality and very, very tight on an average size adult.
It will be returned.
Bought as a gift for my girlfriend. She loves it.
I already own these but found them cheaper here then at target. Great quality
It is very expensive for the size but has good quality.
Perfect size
I promise I did NOT expect to do anything but use this to carry my planner and iPad for work, but it looks super swanky and expensive I cannot help but parade this crossbody everywhere. I get compliments all the time! People are look for the TT or G but its not there....gotta be something, right? Its real leather. Looks like I paid $800.
100% recomendado
The only problem I having with levis lately is they tip a lot at the loops and pockets. Please get some stronger material.
The day I got this, the weather was only a little chilly. So not sure yet how well it works in cold weather. But as a truck driver I'm sure I'll find out. However, a fat old man wearing a ninja mask, well worth money alone hahaha
A bit on the thin side. I prefer socks with stronger elastic to keep them in place. These socks have enough cushioning for everyday exercise, but I wore a pair recently to go hiking and wish I had worn thicker socks. The socks have good breathability though. Overall, good quality fabric and construction.
Expensive but cheap quality not that useful that much
Super cute!
I have the same socks in the Black and Grey versions as well and love them. The socks are soft and comfortable as well as lightweight and breathable. I've worn them in my 5K & 10K races, as well as boot camp, TRX and spinning classes with no problems. I run in Saucony sneakers so that is an added bonus. I got these as one of the Amazon Deals of the Day for the win.
Got these for a friend who walks 4-6 miles a day for exercise. Humidity here is awful, and the heat is oppressive, and these shirts do wick away the sweat. Even on hot days he wears these long-sleeved shirts and stays cool, and the sleeves also help keep the bugs off. He loves these shirts, great gift for a hiker or walker. Or even someone who has to go out and mow the grass on hot days. I like that it helps keep him from getting sunburned.
Nice and thick and sturdy
Super comfy, and worth the price for two shorts!
Excellent hat
I bought this wallet for my husband for Christmas and so far, it has held up through a lot of heavy use. The fabric is very high quality and will withstand a lot of wear and tear.
Great fit
Definitely a fake. Very disappointed. RETURN!
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