Extremely long legs - even on a 5' 10"frame

wife loved the look

I loved the fit and the fact that the string is on the outside of the shorts so that you don't pinch your waste trying to tighten the string

great purchase
Simple and comfortable. The clips do not come off accidentally.
This was bought as a surprise gift for a friend, He swears it fits perfectly and that he LOVES it. Delivered quickly. I'm very pleased because my friend is!
it seems like couldnt last long, but overall its a nice pair of short.
My niece loves turtles so she adores these lovely necklaces...
too small. not what i expected
fits fine
My son is 5 ft 11 inches tall and the xl was fit him perfectly.
First day wear on a sweaty Central FL morning: Picture illustrates a one hour jog and its effects on the glasses and jogger. My eyes were very relaxed looking through the lenses, slightly tan images, and minimal fogging because there is air movement during this exercise. Upon stopping there was total fogging so I removed the glasses. In summary, these are very nice sunglasses that work very well while exercising but should not be uses as eye protection while cutting your grass because of restricted air flow.
What a great deal! And they are authentic. I saw etching inside the left lens (as it sits on your face) which I thought was damage as I was unfamiliar with this brand. I was wrong. They are the real deal...for a deal. Love them!
Works as advertised. I like it. Its a big change from a bulky wallet, and thats a good thing.
Im left-handed and wish I could reverse the strap that hold your cash to the other side because I would like the cut out to work with my left hand.
The elastic on this underwear lost its elasticity after several washings. We have bought Hanes before with no problem, so I dont know if they have changed their source for elastic.. These were terrible! I will not buy these again. Dont waste your money.
Good price. Just what I wanted.
Very nice color, bright and cheerful. The wallet has a lot of space for cards, but it is a bit wide. This is fine with me, but if you wanted a wallet you can quickly slip into a pocket, then this wouldn't be it. It's also feels less substantial than other wallets of this kind, but the pretty color and functionality make up for it.
my 10 year old loves them!
Good quality cotton handkerchiefs. What else is there to say?
Typical Oakley - they work fine and last until you loose them (I kept my last pair for 9 years before loosing them. Many days I have been sailboat racing in the Southern California, looking up at white sails on long, cloudless days, and with Oakley's never a problem,
I have worn Dickies clothing for more than 20 years. I ordered 6 Dickies Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck Pocket T-Shirts. 3 Black and 3 Dark Blue. I washed them several times and wore them for work several times. Unfortunately, they never softened up. They feel more like burlap and don't hang right when worn.
I bought these as a gift for my wife. she loves them and gets a bunch of compliments!
I was satisfied
Good shirts. I love them
Good quality...soft fabric
Very cute shoulder bag. Looks like the picture.
I love this so much!
Nice looking suit-runs just a little small
Went from XL to between medium and large after wash!
Solid and lots of compartments!
It fits as expected and pretty durable. Going to buy some more.