Easy to wear all day, look expensive. Very light, classy earrings. Rose gold is beautiful.
Good length
These are great! There were reviews that they might be kind of large. This is probably true, because they fit me perfect and I need slightly larger bangles than average.
Nice price, well made, great size and I love the color choices! This bag is stylish, not super big but hold all my stuff nicely. I love it. I wanna get it in black also!! Very happy and just what I wanted! Highly recommend!
Very comfortable work shirt of light weight and soft feel. Washes very well.
They are cotton, soft, nice size and very comfortable to use. I think half the reason I used to sneeze a lot was the lint from tissues. Since I've been using cotton, that seems to have virtually stopped. Aren't we're all finally trying to get away from the concept of single-use? So, instead of going to a big box store for a dozen boxes of tissues, I thought get into the habit of using a handkerchief from how on. Maybe keeping one box of tissues for outsiders. I washed them before use, and if you want to show them off, you'll need to iron them. Since I'm not in the habit of showing off my Kleenex, I'll leave that as a non-issue for me. Since I'm female, even the idea of putting one in a jacket pocket for show doesn't exist. They are absorbent and very comforting to use. And, will pay for themselves in a month. Not sure how may trees my using handkerchiefs will save to gobble up greenhouse gases, but it can't hurt. I put these in a "delicates" bag for washing, keeps them a tad less wrinkled and easy to fine (the two dozen) of them. Dried them partially then just hand-ironed on the counter. Left until dry, folded them and grab one each morning as I finish dressing. Usually, I keep it in my pocket since I'm wandering around the house with chores. I'm really liking using handkerchiefs again (I'm old enough to remember using them before everything had to be convenient and disposable). I know, OK Boomer, now you get it! Well yea, I do. Now will everyone else?
Great bag
They fit as expected,little tight around the waist,but i have a waist bigger than normal
I'm an adult and bought this watch for myself. I have rather thin wrists, so it fit perfectly. After less than a month the watchband tore right off at the point where the watchpin is located. I believe there are two other reviews mentioning the same issue. I thought it was odd because I have never had a watchband just rip like this did, so I contacted Timex and they sent a replacement band. I was pleased with their customer service. I was NOT pleased when less than a month later the same thing happened again, with the new band! Love the watch, wish the watchband was higher quality.
Size 13 feet. Little baggy and not tight as expected.
It's too small for a mans head. Unless you have a small head.
It was a gift and was perfect
I wanted the Stretch waste Band. This was due to my mistake.
Fits great. Right size. Light jacket. Love the feel. I wear often.
Quality jeans that fit as expected, consistent color, great vaue
Was thicker than I like. Never really flattened out.
This fits perfect, and is just what I was looking for. I bought a white shirt at a hotel gift shop in the Caymans, and wore it every day for the 10 days in paradise I was there. I was looking for something not tight and clingy, I'm 5'6'' and 180 lbs, and the large is great. I have yet to swim in this yet, but it should be great for my fall beach trip. Also, made in America, SC, is a plus!. I plan to get several colors, and this Salmon color is so nice!.
a bit thick
I bought the for kayaking. I've worn them once, and found that they worked just as well as my previous substantially more expensive sunglasses. The new glasses are also much lighter and if I put them to on top of my head, they stay on very well. I can't say yet about durability, but even if they don't last for many years I will still feel I got a good deal. Receiving an email from the company in which I could comment or return if necessary is very helpful.
Good hat. I live in Los Angeles and Ive been complemented on it. Nice fit. Although inexpensive, it looks like it can take a beating. Im looking forward to many years wearing this hat.
Great lightweight sunglasses. The packaging is awesome with all the little extras. Already ordered a second pair in all black.
Not too heavy and not too thin! I also love the no tag feature!
This is a cute little bag. Holds my wallet, smartphone and keys. I usher at a local theater and it makes a fine bag and frees my hands to do my job.

One thing however, as smartphones and getting bigger, I might suggest that the maker add an inch to make a little more room for a phone. Mine just barely fits.
This is a little big on my head, but considering I am female that was to be expected.
I received my glasses in the mail a few days after ordering. They unfortunately did not match either the description or the picture, though they were actually aviators. Mine were gold frames and darker polarized lenses. They actually didn't look bad, heavy to the touch and still were consistent with the Ray Ban quality I have grown to know over the years having owned multiple pair of their sunglasses. They actually fit like a glove with no adjustment, and the shade of lens, even though I seemed too dark on the outside gave me the perfect shade. The lenses were also polarized, and being my first polarized lenses, I wasn't prepared how sharp everything became one the glare was removed. For some there is a trade off between sharp images and the rainbow you can get looking at your phone or dashboard. It wasn't a big dead to me. These are fast becoming my favorite glasses even though they were not exactly what I ordered.
I wore it for one night for Halloween. It fit well and was very adjustable
nice looking quality poor, metal clasp broke after 90 days. won't hold tension.
Oakley is the best