The Statesman - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait 8" x 10"
The Statesman - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait
The Statesman - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait
The Statesman - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait

pink dog carry bag

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pink dog carry bag
Our artists will create your unique pet masterpiece with love, care and attention. We go the extra mile to capture all your pet’s unique features and personality. Take a look at our amazing reviews!

Your pet's image is remastered and transformed into a wonderful digital portrait. Each design is a work of art and completely unique. You will not find this level of quality and care anywhere else, we work on a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

The artwork is sent as a high resolution digital file (jpeg). This can then be shared and printed as you wish.

Now you have your own custom pet portrait.. you need to show it off. What better way than to print onto our premium canvases? 

Our premium canvases are of the highest quality, complete with handcrafted wooden frames. They’re ready to hang up on delivery, with no assembly required. Choose from 3 sizes.

Printed in USA with quality print dyes that bring your artwork to life. We never compromise on quality.

1: Upload your favourite pet photo
2: Enter your pets name (if required)
3: Select your  premium canvas. And leave the rest to us!

Our community is fighting against animal cruelty through donations to multiple animal charities. Every time you buy from Pawstrait, a portion goes to help defenseless animals out in the world. That’s a promise.

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