The Fireman - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait Digital Artwork Only High Res JPG
The Fireman - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait
The Fireman - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait
The Fireman - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait

animal portraits etsy

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animal portraits etsy
Our artists will create your unique pet masterpiece with love, care and attention. We go the extra mile to capture all your pet’s unique features and personality. Take a look at our amazing reviews!

Your pet's image is remastered and transformed into a wonderful digital portrait. Each design is a work of art and completely unique. You will not find this level of quality and care anywhere else, we work on a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

The artwork is sent as a high resolution digital file (jpeg). This can then be shared and printed as you wish.

Now you have your own custom pet portrait.. you need to show it off. What better way than to print onto our premium canvases? 

Our premium canvases are of the highest quality, complete with handcrafted wooden frames. They’re ready to hang up on delivery, with no assembly required. Choose from 3 sizes.

Printed in USA with quality print dyes that bring your artwork to life. We never compromise on quality.

1: Upload your favourite pet photo
2: Enter your pets name (if required)
3: Select your  premium canvas. And leave the rest to us!

Our community is fighting against animal cruelty through donations to multiple animal charities. Every time you buy from Pawstrait, a portion goes to help defenseless animals out in the world. That’s a promise.

Just the right size not to small
For travel and walks!
The clarity and reduction of eye strain with these over everything else I have tried is simply amazing. I have had several friends try them on and without exception they have all been very impressed with the quality of these and the effect on vision. They take the eye strain out of driving on bright sunny days here in the South.
Not too big and not too small. Just right.
Nice shirt, great fit, as I wanted and expected
Fit as expected, good material.
Fits great longer shirt just as shown
I wear mine for one hour tennis lesson. No more wiping my forehead and eyes with my shirt. No more sweat in my eyes drying out my contacts
Really comfortable boxers. They dont bunch up and the waist band is soft and doesnt leave marks on waist. The colors were different. I got Grey, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Greyish Blue, Maroon.
Great shape. Good fit. Works well at blocking out some of the uv. Light enough to wear indoors. I am definitely satisfied with the quality.
Have not used them yet, but I wish they carried two different sizes!! I wear a medium size hat and need sunglasses that flit accordingly. I like the styling.
I was able to customize it for my college graduation, very happy with texture.
I like that the product was exactly as described and is made to last.
Glad to have them
Super thin, Feels like its going to fall apart if I wash it a few times. Also it took over a month to get here
I give it a four star because the color of the band is more purple than pink. Luckily my daughter likes purple as well. It's of decent quality for a child's watch.
I really loved the overall style of the hat. Although when it came to the sizing it didn't really sit on my head as I'd hoped.
My husband uses them for a under shirt for work. They are soft and comfortable.
Quality is what I expected. These should work just fine for me.
Big GI Style bag, has enough room to pack a lot, including a sleeping bag. Could probably fit a tent in there too! I don't like the top (how it closes), but it is manageble
very good.
Accesorios buena
Very nice belt, happy with it
Third pair of these glasses and I love them! Super clarity and durable. I am really tough on sunglasses and these sunglasses are very durable! I also have a pair with the readers in them!
I asked my husband many questions about these socks. For the record, I washed these before he even tried them on. He wears work boots all day long, except Friday, he wears tennis shoes. My husband is a 10 1/2 and he thinks these are a MAYBE if you're an 11 or larger foot. They fit him perfectly. It's a new sock for him and he thinks the temp makes a difference in tennis shoes, but he said he really can't tell in his work boots (steel tip Timberland boots). His biggest complaint is that they leave fuzz all over his feet, but that's what socks do at first if you're working hard in them. The color also held up up perfectly after the first wash, but all his work clothing is black and I wash them together. Recommended purchase for a size 11 foot and lower.
bought this as gift, my mom called to tell me its very pretty, but is broken, so... save your money go elsewhere.. I just read that it was left in mailbox, could explain why its broken, or just cheaply made..
I dont do reviews. but this one was worth it... they never slip, they look good, theyre comfy, and theyre low. Im buying more. Size M is perfect for 9-11
Big enough in length but not in interior width. The interior is so narrow, you would only be able to fit one laptop and maybe a file folder and thats it, nice bag but not enough room inside
Perfect for working out or just putting something on to take the dog out.