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Yes, they're a little large, but that is what I expected from 'Loose' jeans! Comfy and cool too...not the super heavy denim that are used for other colors.
So light in the face and crispy clear image.
Great shirts!
Lightweight and comfortable. Plus the materials are sturdy. My husband absolutely loves this one compared to his old bulky wallet. Great price for the quality, great protection for your Id, an plastics.
Great fit and quality hat.
Get it
Jeans were exactly as described.
Beautiful jewelry! It was exactly what I ordered for my cousins graduation :). She loves it!
Great fit and they work with all my tennis shoes. Worried that my big toe will poke through at any minute though. Comfortable.
So far this has been a really nice wallet. The embossed leather looks really nice and ads that layer of style you are looking for. My only complaint is that the main wallet is a lot larger than ones I have used in the past. I am used to slim wallet and money clip combo, so is taking some getting used too. Overall it looks nice, and is well made to stand up to wear and tear.
Best shorts I have. The fabric and the fit are great. They make me feel and look good.
If you love robbing people without them knowing who you are, then this is your item! Got this a few months back and its one of my best purchases. Drive-bys, Heists, break-ins, works for everything. Just last week we pulled up on this pimp and took his car and fur coat. He never knew who did it. 10/10
Adorable for price
Great on fit and comfort.
I ordered a 1 1/2 " basic black belt. It arrived in 2 days. Sturdy, thick leather with a strong buckle. I recommend it to anyone who needs a heavy work belt that looks good enough for casual fashion use as well.
True size cap, dont pay attention to the ones that say that it runs small.
Very cute, good size, but the lining ripped after only using it about a month or two. I do keep a lot in my bag, but rarely do my other purses' linings rip. I guess you get what you pay for....
This was s purse Ive been wanting for a while now and finally got one love it
Much smaller than I was anticipating gave it to my 11 yr old daughter.
One of the best wallets I've ever seen. Leather is top quality and the craftsmanship is amazing with such an impecable attention to detail.
Like them will buy more
Arrived on time. No issues whatsoever!
This is the second bag I have purchased. Returned the first due to color and the the top not finished. The second bag I ordered is excellent. Love the color and looks great. Able to hold a lot items and very durable.
I feel like a gentleman
A mi esposo le encanto
Was a gift
I bought this for a Christmas gift. My friend loved it!
My favorite socks ever.
Fits fine. Wearing it today❤️Femmes-Lingerie-Babydoll-Vêtements-sous-vêtements