The Singer - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait
The Singer - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait
The Singer - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait
The Singer - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait
The Singer - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait

custom canvas prints paint

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custom canvas prints paint
custom canvas prints paint
Pawstrait custom phone cases are a great option for anyone who loves having their pet with them everywhere. Whether it's at college, the office, in the gym, or simply when you’re away for the weekend - every time you take out your phone - you'll see your adorable pet looking right back at you.

Our dedicated team of designers will transform your pet picture into a crystal clear image which will then be printed onto a 100% original, one of a kind phone case that you will simply love! We do most major handset models and sizes from Apple and Samsung so no matter what model cellphone you have, there’ll be a choice available for you.

- Top-quality silicone phone case
- Wireless charging compatible
- Our cases are thin and won't make your handset appear “bulky”
- Protect your expensive handset from drops, scratches and dings
- All designs are 100% custom designed in house at Pawstrait

custom canvas prints paint

- Pick your template from our extensive collection
- Upload your pet photo using our easy upload button
- Choose your cellphone handset from the dropdown menus
- Place your order
- Sit back and relax while our team does the rest!

Our community is fighting against animal cruelty through donations to multiple animal charities. Every time you buy from Pawstrait, a portion goes to help defenseless animals out in the world. That’s a promise.

get fit for my husband
Started falling apart after the first wear and wash.
Well constructed and holds up well
Fit is great and quality is good. Fit is true
As described thanks
These are made of a ribbed stretchy fabric and are very small and tight fitting. I suppose if you are built like the guys they hire to model these and you want the whole world to know it, this is a good look for you. For the rest of us, too tight, too clingy, and not at all flattering. If you're going to wear them under a shirt, maybe this is what you want, but only if you don't mind going around all day with your undershirt constantly reminding you that it's there. If you have a lot of hair, you will not like this. I actually tried buying *two* sizes larger than my size, and those somehow managed to hang ridiculously long on me while still being too tight. I know I could stand to lose some weight, but I'm not *that* big.

Bottom line: Steer clear of these, unless you are very slender of build. Even then, consider upsizing. For most men, they just plain don't fit.
Absolutely love it! Great quality!
Good sunglasses that get the job done.
Very very pretty.. nice size..
I purchased this wallet for my boyfriend for his Birthday in May. He loves it... but he did complain that the little owl badge would get caught on his pants at times when putting the wallet back into his pocket or when taking it out.

Well, today it just popped off. Its not the end of the world, but its not easy to fix yourself and kind of looks a bit sad.

Is there anything that can be done as far as warranty or repair is concerned?

He loves the wallet, but having this happen a mere 90 days after purchase is pretty disappointing.

UPDATE: After contacting Bellroy support they sent a replacement wallet very quickly, which is the best I could have asked for. Hopefully they will consider redesigning that piece in a way that is more durable should they continue to have this issue, but replacing the wallet was a satisfactory resolution and I will continue to be a customer for the service alone. Thanks!
Love i.e.!
The size seems to be so big to me, i bought XXL but i shoud be XL. Although it can be used for training.
Exactly what I was looking for, have lost about 30 pounds and needed comfortable shorts that would look great and stay in place. These were it!
After all, they're Wranglers!
Not my style
Fast delivery. Right price.
Has everything you need in a wallet, love the design and love how it keeps you from building clutter
Great belt. I know there are better. But for the civilian life, this is a great belt. I've lost 20 pounds and 3 pant sizes in the last year. All my old belts don't work anymore. This belt holds my pants, at my actual waist, and my tool bags don't pull my pants down anymore. I like the color selection. I bought brown myself. The material doesn't stretch like leather throughout the day. The buckle is the best part. Tighten down where necessary, never fuss again.
Love this bag! Perfect hobo bag fo all seasons!
Daughter loves them they are a comfortable fit. They look very cute as well.
I wear size 101/2 shoe and the socks were too tight for my feet.
The hood was very small.... not good for wearing in the cold with it over your head.... I tried to stretch it but that just ripped the seam. This sweatshirt does not hold its shape in the wash very well
Somewhat tight, especially after the first washing.
They fit like a glove!
Good product
Love the size. Fits a large phone and everything I need.
The notches on the back side allow for a much better fit than a traditional belt. Seriously, I will never buy another belt with holes now that I've used this one. The quality seems really good. Trimming to the desired length was easy enough then I used a lighter to torch the thread to prevent any unraveling. And I haven't noticed any new damage in my T-shirts which was the real reason I wanted to try this belt. Very happy with the purchase.
The earring closures were not flush with the grooves in order to snap together and I had a hard time trying to get them to close so I returned the earrings. One of earrings wasnt even able to close at all.
Great Shirt, Great Priceécole-Grande-Capacité