The Dandy - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait
The Dandy - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait
The Dandy - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait
The Dandy - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait
The Dandy - Custom Phone Case Phone Case Pawstrait

designer pet carriers

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designer pet carriers
designer pet carriers
Pawstrait custom phone cases are a great option for anyone who loves having their pet with them everywhere. Whether it's at college, the office, in the gym, or simply when you’re away for the weekend - every time you take out your phone - you'll see your adorable pet looking right back at you.

Our dedicated team of designers will transform your pet picture into a crystal clear image which will then be printed onto a 100% original, one of a kind phone case that you will simply love! We do most major handset models and sizes from Apple and Samsung so no matter what model cellphone you have, there’ll be a choice available for you.

- Top-quality silicone phone case
- Wireless charging compatible
- Our cases are thin and  won't make your handset appear “bulky”
- Protect your expensive handset from drops, scratches and dings
- All designs are 100% custom designed in house at Pawstrait

designer pet carriers

- Pick your template from our extensive collection
- Upload your pet photo using our easy upload button
- Choose your cellphone handset from the dropdown menus
- Place your order
- Sit back and relax while our team does the rest!

Our community is fighting against animal cruelty through donations to multiple animal charities. Every time you buy from Pawstrait, a portion goes to help defenseless animals out in the world. That’s a promise.

This swimsuit is absolutely darling! My 19 month old is tall and lean, the sleeve length for this is great but is a tad big in bottom. I decided to keep since she'll have on a swim diaper. Love the quality!
Great quality sweatshirt!
Great for using under your swimsuit!
Bought them for my husband - they're exactly what he wanted but hasn't been able to find in stores. They fit fine.
Fit just right!! Shipped fast and good quality!
Gets tight after washing but stretches out again after a few minutes of wearing. We'll see how long this works as I have only washed it three times.
Item not as I expected and according to the notes in the advertisement.
Fabric color has a "pinkish" tinge rather than true "cream" and is too shiny. It's not for daytime wear.
Love this tee shirt!
Great product
This is a pretty comfy unit. It has two seams on the top, meaning the middle of your head doesn't have a seam resting on your noodle-shell, which is nice.
I wear mine with my mouth-hole exposed, as I wear a snowmobile skull-bucket with a resperator type deal over my nose&mouth.
To be honest, this wasn't a great decision to purchase. I couldn't get it to screw off to separate apart to use I actually still have them I didn't want to get rid of them because I spend my money on it you know. Lol, I even had ask a love one to help screw it apart they couldn't get it open either these are locked like a vise grip .
These socks are like a hug for your feet. They provide more support than regular socks, but they don't strangle your feet. The claims about copper are probably a bunch of baloney.
Exactly how it should be
Two pairs of these boxers were stiff. Caused miscomfort to my dingle dan. Specifically the eye of the tiger, if you know what I mean. Enjoyed the other pairs.
Great gift
My granddaughter loved it for her birthday
Was hoping for a little better quality shirt but for the price it is what to be expected - The fit was perfect for my XX large - A lot of shirts even a XX large is to small for my broad shoulders
Beautiful and are sizeable
My eyes are very dry and sensitive and night driving is bad with all the bright lights on the cars nowadays. These glasses do help. I can see better at night now. I would recommend them if you're having trouble with car lights. They also help on rainy days to see the lines and cars better. They fit over your prescription glasses.
I normally wear a 7 and 1/2 hat and this one was a bit too big. But I still wear the s*** out of it.
Good price but not polarized and definitely not mirrored like pictures. Try another seller.
Love purse but had 1 week then main zipper will not catch to stay closed. .so sad. What good is a zipper.?
Purchased these glasses previously and really liked them
Looks dirty
Pretty product. Great price
I love this wallet! More than enough card slots. Beautiful color!!! Well stitched. Looks expensive.
If you've bought Gold Toe socks in the past, and you're expecting the same quality, don't waste your money on these poor imitations. The gold "stitching" is actually painted on! The quality of these socks ranks right up there with those you might find at a dollar store.