Sherlock & Watson - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait Digital Artwork Only High Res JPG
Sherlock & Watson - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait
Sherlock & Watson - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait
Sherlock & Watson - Custom Pet Art Pawstrait

pet portraits ontario

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pet portraits ontario
Our artists will create your unique pet masterpiece with love, care and attention. We go the extra mile to capture all your pet’s unique features and personality. Take a look at our amazing reviews!

Your pet's image is remastered and transformed into a wonderful digital portrait. Each design is a work of art and completely unique. You will not find this level of quality and care anywhere else, we work on a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

The artwork is sent as a high resolution digital file (jpeg). This can then be shared and printed as you wish.

Now you have your own custom pet portrait.. you need to show it off. What better way than to print onto our premium canvases? 

Our premium canvases are of the highest quality, complete with handcrafted wooden frames. They’re ready to hang up on delivery, with no assembly required. Choose from 3 sizes.

Printed in USA with quality print dyes that bring your artwork to life. We never compromise on quality.

1: Upload your favourite pet photo
2: Enter your pets name (if required)
3: Select your  premium canvas. And leave the rest to us!

Our community is fighting against animal cruelty through donations to multiple animal charities. Every time you buy from Pawstrait, a portion goes to help defenseless animals out in the world. That’s a promise.

They're underwear. I think they run a bit small, but the cut could be to be clingy, so order a waist size up if you prefer a looser comfort.
the (welt)seam fits across the tender part of the skin between the scrotum and the anus, if you sit for more than two hours it causes you to be uncomfortable and sometimes causes skin sores.
Wearing the 3-ply masks was getting to be so uncomfortable. Someone at work suggested I look into a neck gaiter, and this was the one thing I didn't even know I needed! All my mask concerns are solved now.
Definite would buy again fit well good material
Beautiful bag.
Very nice quality. Better than I expected. Fits a lot of cards but still very compact.
The socks were comfy and very long. They fit great! Buying another pair!
I really love this bag. It is more structured than I thought it would be, it doesn't benb or yeild at all and it wouldn't fit standing straight up underneath the airplane seat.
Looks good and good quality,
My husband loves these! I have been looking for boxers for him for a while, i have tried several brands and these are his favorite. He says the fit is great and he doesn't feel like they "cut off circulation" and he says they help keep him dry on hot days.
I wear a size 13 wide shoe, so socks my size aren't easily available from a regular storefront. these fit great, go on nice and easy. very warm.
I've been looking for a pair of round sunglasses to replace my ancient pair of round sunglasses. These glasses better made than my old ones, and they're also polarized -- which my old ones weren't. These glasses do a great job cutting glare and enhancing contrast.

One thing to be careful of: because the lenses are polarized and the lenses are perfectly round, your glasses may arrive with the two lenses out of phase (like I did). All reflective surfaces will polarize light to some degree and if the lenses are oriented differently from each other, then each lens will cut or allow different angle polarized light through. It was cool the first couple of days seeing the world like it was a 3-D movie, but I was getting headaches and nausea by the end of the week. It's simple enough to fix.

Just hold the glasses at about arms length and look at a reflective surface (like a car windshield in the sun) through both lenses at the same time by closing one eye. You will probably notice that the reflective surface will be bright in one lens and dark in the other. Pinch one lens with your other hand (maybe with a tissue or the cleaning cloth that came with the glasses to prevent greasy fingerprints) and slowly rotate that one lens in the frame until the reflective surface appears the same in both lenses. After that, the glasses will be perfect.
i bought this sunglasses for my husband. it looks nice on his face.
With a son who wears a size 13 shoe these socks are the perfect fit and tough to find!
This i bought for my husband because he reallllly wanted it! i bought it, it came two days later, annnddd it was too small! My husband doesn't have an abnormal size head, so that is really discouraging! we tried stretching it out, but no good. Now it just hangs on the coat rack :( He was really bummed about it
Nice style and perfect fit...
run long
Great wallet. Very happy so far. We will see how well it holds the test of time.
Liked for my grandson who is 17 because he does not like the elastic bottom.Fit comfortably.
This sunglasses is the love it, fits my face perfect awesome on the eyes
Comfortable and soft. I'll be buying again.
Very thin compared to the Hanes that I purchased in a store last year
Very comfortable and warm

Fast delivery
A pleasure to do business
Never disappoints
So far so good. Was a little leary about the plastic belt buckle but it's holding up rather well, it's very light weight and doesn't make any noise like my old metal one.
Great undies! The extra lining in the front zone is a plus. Theses are my new go to undies.
I absolutely love this necklace and bracelet set! The seller had a cute note on the package which was a nice touch. I am getting married in 2 months and ordered this for my 3 year old niece that is my flower girl and she tried it on Saturday night and the necklace and bracelet both fit perfectly! This item does not look cheap and the little flower on it is a beautiful touch. I am very glad that I picked this set!
for my lovely cat.